Waiting and waiting

Wait, wait, wait…until it’s too late.

Today will be the past tomorrow.


The future, well, when we get to tomorrow it will be now.

Our real life is now…just enjoy it.

Waiting is a trick of the mind, that uses ‘waiting’ to remove any risk.

Life is risk, that is what is the essence, and we are here to experience, otherwise, it is just a mental concept and our whole life will just be played out in our subconscious thought.

A game

Every moment is a new moment, after all, we are a ball of energy, a soul, a being, that is having a human experience. An eternal ball of energy that is part of the one life that is everything, that is the universe. We are indestructible as that ball of energy, inside a human form. No need for egos, thoughts, past or future…it’s now that matters, always.

We have the opportunity to enjoy that experience, it is like a game, fun, exciting, ups and downs…but the key for us all, which is the hardest thing to master, is not to let anything bother us. Accept everything, let go and reset the game.

Nothing matters, enjoy the game of a human life and remember a new game starts every new moment. After all, you, me and everyone alive today will be a cloud of dust in a 100 years or less and our energy will be repurposed for another experience.