A world without art

Take away colour, paintings, drawings, photos, books, poems, songs, music, plays, ballet, films, TV, sculptures, fashion, design…take away anything arty/creative. Just stop and think about that.

Now imagine your world without art…imagine a science lab.

For those who think art doesn’t matter, try that world.

As Oscar Wilde said ‘all art is useless’. It’s the use-less things in life that bring the magic not spoon or a screwdriver or maths equation. I don’t love utilitarian things.

Art is life, it is an expression of the human soul.

It’s all been said

Saying something new is a challenge for us all. Everything has been said. It’s a challenge for writers, musicians, artists…well, everyone actually.

However, this is true only to a certain extent.

Where we add value is taking all the influences that we experience and then adding our view of it. What each of us experience is unique to our own journey and the more adventure we add to the path, the more diverse our experiences are. Therefore, have more to add value to.

Simply repeating others is stealing, but adding our take is where the value comes. Our own unique world view is where the difference is.

We each have an opportunity to add that value and there is where we can say something new.