Above is this year’s #inktober so far up to ‘day 17’.

This is my third year of doing the #inktober challenge and I absolutely love it. It’s simple, each day there is a prompt for you to create an ink drawing, although you do not have to follow the prompt, and then post your ink drawing to Instagram using the #inktober.

Art is one of my favourite things to do, and in recent months I have fallen away a little from my habit of doing a piece of art each day, even if it is just a quick pencil sketch. When I am doing my art I’m in the moment, focused and free from the mind and its distractions.

So I’m glad to be back in the grove and doing it each day. Like all things, small easy steps build a habit and when we are focused on the small daily routine, then the mind is silent as there is little risk. If we focus on big giant leaps, then alarms ring and the mind sabotages as its poor little ego is at risk.

Step by step keeps us focused now in the joy of doing not thinking about the ‘big’ outcome.


Why haven't you done it? by Philip Dodson
Why haven’t you done it? by Philip Dodson

‘It is not defined by medium or the means of its production, but by a collective sense that it belongs to a category of experience we have come to know as “art”‘ by Kit White from her lovely book ‘101 Things to Learn in Art School’.

Art is so overlooked as a way of being more creative in any field. Just by putting your ideas, plans, vision in a visual form your brain is working on that idea as you are drawing or painting it or illustrating it any way you like.

The most shaming, draining killer of our self-confidence as adults comes from our school days in art. According to Brene Brown’s research, 85% of adults had a shaming experience from school that still affects them in life now and most of that was from art.

Yet art if approached in a non-judgemental way and in a safe environment, can be a real confidence booster and can be great for team building and collaboration. Like all things you get better with practice, but anyone can draw, can do art.

The great thing about art, it’s really therapeutic and social. We launched our Art Club today at my coworking space and as we did our art, we chatted and got to know each other. These are the things in life that matter, after all, we will never say at the end of our journeys ‘I wish I had worked more’.

The final thing, if you want to stand out in a crowded world, bring art to your work and that can be in many forms. Instead of a PowerPoint deck of slides, create your own slides. Instead of a thank-you email send your customer a hand painted thank-you postcard. Instead of a stock photo for a piece of content create your own image by drawing or painting etc.

Work can be a job or it can be a work of art, the choice is ours.

Today’s image for my blog was a poster I created for our Working Out Loud circle during the Art Club.