A world without art

Take away colour, paintings, drawings, photos, books, poems, songs, music, plays, ballet, films, TV, sculptures, fashion, design…take away anything arty/creative. Just stop and think about that.

Now imagine your world without art…imagine a science lab.

For those who think art doesn’t matter, try that world.

As Oscar Wilde said ‘all art is useless’. It’s the use-less things in life that bring the magic not spoon or a screwdriver or maths equation. I don’t love utilitarian things.

Art is life, it is an expression of the human soul.

One word

If what you have to say takes one word, then that is enough.

Our story can be as long or short as you choose. 

Our voice is ours to own. 

The words we choose are ours to choose. 

Our message is our message. 

Our way of saying things is exactly that, our way and not to be modified to fit in. 

We shackle ourselves continually with others rules of what to say, the words to use, how we should express ourselves. 

Freedom is being true to ourselves . 

When we express ourselves with the words that are ours and in a way, that is without compromise to our values,then we are free. 

One word, free.