Doing it when you don’t want to


Our levels of inspiration and motivation naturally vary, it’s normal, after all, we are human and different factors combine at times to affect them.

No matter how upbeat or ‘on it’ you are, there will be days when it is hard to muster the enthusiasm for something and that is OK.

Sometimes it is good to say ‘fuck it’ and not worry too much. However, when that becomes a habit, then we can find ourselves saying that too often.

Doing your exercises, or meditating, or ticking off everything on your action list is easy when you are on top form. It is a lot harder when you are not.

However, if you really want something to happen in your life badly enough, then you do that thing even when you don’t want to and that is the real test of how much you want something.

The more you do that, the more you move towards your goals and the more inspired you are to do that thing. It is a bit like building a muscle, it’s painful to start with, but the more you push the easier it becomes.

Have the odd day off, but commitment when you don’t feel it shows how much you really want it.