The world does not need my opinion

The world does not need my view about everything all the time, in fact, I don’t need my view about everything all the time either. It’s just constant mental noise.

It’s OK not to have a view at all.

It’s a lot more peaceful for others and for me if I am content with just being and observing.

When we observe we listen and hear the other person and the beautiful world around us.

Simply us

The version of us that others choose to create in their minds is not our responsibility, it’s up to them what they choose to create.

We can’t control it either and it doesn’t matter, as that is their choice and it is only their mind’s view of us, nothing more and nothing less.

We spend a great deal of energy on concerning ourselves with other people’s views of us, a thing that we have no control over when instead, we could choose to expend that energy on being grateful for who we truly are and sharing that with the world care-free of other people’s judgements.

A place of gratitude is more peaceful and positive than a place of fear and anxiety of others.

We are not the other person’s version they hold of us. We are simply us.