The lenses we choose to see the world through are based on a judgement of others and ourselves that stems from our mind. They completely shape how we see things and the actions of others. They also affect our own self-esteem and worth.

If we stay conscious and in the moment that is now, that means away from our mind and evaluation, then all the lenses are removed and we see the world clearly as it is without any taint.


Values – By Philip Dodson

Do you value your values? What are your values in business? What are you values in life? Would you trade them with others?

If someone stopped you and ask you those questions, would you instinctively, without hesitation, be able to answer them?

So, what if you met someone else, you each listed your values on a piece of paper and you could trade, would you? Which ones would you trade?

When you are in a situation in business or life in general, when you are faced with a situation where you might have to bend or relax your values, when you have that uneasy feeling, when the voice is saying I’m not comfortable with that, do you give in? Do you compromise?

Do you apply the same values to customers, staff, partners, in fact to all parts of your life?

One of the most important things I have learned in life is that authenticity, consistency, honesty and sticking to your values, with whoever you are dealing with, is essential to success.

My values are the building blocks in all that I do and I would not be prepared to trade them. I now stick to them religiously in all that I do in life. Once you learn this, you’ll be amazed how every part of your life changes for the good.

Your values are yours and my take on this is – as long as you aren’t harming others, then there isn’t a right and wrong answer. There is already too much judging of others, especially within the media. As the phrase goes “live your own life citizen”.

So stay true to your values, don’t accept what seems to be the easier route and give up on them. Apply the same set of values to customers, partners, employees and all people in your life.

People will either love your values or hate them, but better to have a life where you are surrounded by the people who share your values, than to live a compromise to what you really believe in. The more you attract the right people that match you, then the less of those awkward moments that you will face, where you might give in to others’ values that you’re not comfortable with.

One life – be true to yourself and shake off that fear of being yourself.