We are all one moment away

We are all just a short step from our life being turned upside down, there are no guarantees, no certainties…everything can change in an instance. It can come from just a simple choice that leads to a big change.

Yet we can be cruelly judgemental of others who’s perceived fortunes have changed and are seen as no longer worthy humans because their struggles in life have lead to them becoming, say homeless or drug users or whatever other activity society might sneer at.

We are all worthy, no matter what, from the day we are born to the day we die. Our choices are not the measure to define us by. We all make them and we all make ‘good’ ones and ‘bad’ ones. It’s all very subjective anyway, who is to say what is right?. Yet as a society we are conditioned to judge others for their ‘bad’ choices, yet we’d excuse ourselves.

Judgement serves no purpose and is actually more a reflection of ourselves than the person we judge.

We are all one moment away from a bad choice…so best to accept others as they are and to leave others to be. Our choices are the only thing we control and again, it doesn’t make us a bad person permanently, if we make a wrong choice. We can start again in an instance and change, but it becomes harder once we have been labelled.

Let each other be

What we choose in life is our choice and ours alone, it is not for anyone to say it is right or wrong. Equally, other people and what they choose is the same.

Leave others to be, let them live their lives, we do not own or control other souls.

However, we are conditioned to be always looking and judging other people and their choices, turning always to how it affects us and our story. That is the key element, it is ego driven. How does this affect me, can I be a victim here or can I take an opportunity to feel superior over someone else and judge them as wrong or making a poor choice.

If we all let each other to be and let each other live our lives, then this also transfers to the collective too.