Perfection, who needs it?

We are conditioned to seek perfection in all that we do and are.

Yet, perfection is not interesting and the things we love the most in life are the imperfections in things and people. Imperfect is human, is nature, is life.

When we reach perfection, it is only fleeting, because someone or something else will always be more perfect.

It is our ego and the mind that pushes us to hide behind perfection, we can use it as an excuse to avoid being who we truly are or doing what brings us joy. The mind will sabotage and say ‘it’s not good enough, it’s not perfect…just don’t bother’.

Imperfectly enjoy life.

Let go or it might snap

If we keep going in life, driven by the mind and our fear of what others may think, driven by our conditioning to be perfect, not being aware of the need to take break, then the body will eventually stop us.

We become physically sick when we are not being aware, when we are stuck in our thoughts, fears, worries, anxieties, resisting and fighting. Keeping up appearances and saying ‘I’m OK’ when really all we want to do is stop and curl up.

Sadly society has conditioned us to always be ‘great!!!’ and to keep going for fear of being seen as not able to cope or not good enough.

We are always enough, whatever, there are no conditions or qualifiers to it. We are born worthy and we die worthy no matter what.

When we allow the mind to control us and keep going ignoring the signs that we need to step away and to be at peace, then we become ill, the body will put the brakes on for us.

Resistance is one the biggest causes of our suffering mentally and physically. After all, we are here once for a short time and nothing really matters. Yet we suffer from resisting what is, what has already occurred and not accepting ourselves and others for what we are.

Let go, just be, take a break and be kind to ourselves…nothing is so ‘life or death’ important that we can’t wait to do it another day. Just go and sit in a park, go for walk, meditate, or whatever else gives us a chance to just breathe, be away from our mind and at peace.

Let go or what we cling onto could snap.