Common ground

Our individuality of thinking and action is what keeps us stuck judging, hating, feeling isolated and fearful.

If we seek what we share in common with others. If we feel at one with all that is. If we search to share, love and come together with an acceptance that we cannot be identical, but we share more than we don’t, then we can move forward as a united human race.

Look for the common ground and build on that, not trying to find what’s different, wrong or what we can hate in others.

Cannot survive the light

If we only exist to please others, our existence will be one that is unfulfilling and their’s will be needy and attention seeking, certainly unfulfilling too.

The best way we can give something to others is by being the example and share that light we have inside us all with others.

Our darkness and others cannot survive the light we have within, share it in our unique ways.