Repeating every day

The universe created each and every one of us with a unique gift, talent, something special for us to share with the world and to bring light and joy to others to experience.

If at the end of each day we have just done the same as yesterday and the day before and so on, as in not shared our genius with the world, then every day we do that, we are staying stuck with our fears, with our mind, we are being sabotaged by the repeating thought patterns.

The flower or the butterfly do not withhold their beauty and joy they share it with all of us to experience. Nature gives every second of every day without hesitation or thought.

Our primary purpose is to be a conscious being and to experience all that the universe has to offer, and with that consciousness comes the freedom to allow our true inner being and genius to flow.

Let’s not extinguish our gift before we have a chance to let it shine for the world, leave our doubts, and live in this moment and shine. Otherwise, there is no point in repeating every day the same.


If a train is delayed by 10 minutes people often get irate.

If a plane is delayed by 10 minutes only the odd person is annoyed.

If we sit in our car at a junction waiting, for what is often only a few seconds, we can become annoyed.

Delays are outside of our control, yet we choose to get annoyed, which is a waste of time as it never shortens the delay that annoyed us in the first place. In fact, in some cases, a delay can be used to catch up on your podcasts, read a book, do some art, even talk to a stranger!

Amazingly, we delay living our lives, sometimes for months, sometimes for years, even for a whole lifetime. Yet with somehow little annoyance or impatience to change it.

We don’t need to get annoyed with any delay, whether trains, planes or our own lives.

However, best to focus our amazing talents, energy, time and love on the only thing we control, our own life. Annoyance will not change our lives either, choosing how we react is what makes the difference.

Do not delay things we can control and accept delays out of our control.

Life will be happier.