Passive and safe

The more we reduce risk from our lives as humans, the less progress we make. We become stagnant and lacking…the safeness removes the ‘frisante’ needed to create invention and daring.

Without risk, there is no point in trying anything new.

Risk is what gives us the charge we need to try something new knowing it may or may not work. Risk is at the outer edge of the circle, it is the threat of danger that builds the excitement and it’s why we love life, it is why we break out of the circle and create change. We break the rules and without that…well, life becomes controlled.

The never-ending craving for no risk in life as humans is leading us to a sterile, homogenised world of compliance and slavery. Simple cogs in the machine…passive and safe.

Why we are here

We are here to share our unique gifts and light with the world, not to spend our existence accumulating stuff.

Each one of us is a unique ball of light and energy with unique gifts, which we can share to light up others and to create amazing experiences for ourselves and others.

Instead, most of the human race is stuck inside its ego-driven mind work in slavery for trinkets that we then spend on stuff we do not need and don’t serve to enrich us or others.

Forget the mind, open up our hearts and through love share and create for us and the human race. After all, in this current carnation we are getting a few spins around the sun, why waste it accumulating instead of creating?