If everyone is going one way

If everyone is going in one direction, then go the other, because if they are all already following something, then it’s too late. It is already safe, convenient, easy to do, easy to replicate. It is already without question, just compliant adherence to what is.

The crowd is not where innovation takes place or where things are challenged. The crowd is safe, the opposite is risk, are the wilds.

We need people to brave the wilderness, to be heretics, to be different and the human race needs it more than ever.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it…

Well, that’s OK if we want to maintain the status quo and stay safe.

The world is full of safe businesses, safe rules, safe strategies, safe, safe, safe, safe.

Sure, it’s risky to try to improve.

But sooner or later safe things become dull and unwanted. Then a risk taker brings something new, exciting, different, and better.

We are no longer safe, we’ve been bypassed by someone who dared to ‘fix’ it.

Safe is risky.

It’s not about fixing, it’s about creating a better version and taking an uncertain path.