Born the same

Every single one of the over 7 billion of us on this planet were born the same, an equal human being.

Then our environment and circumstances will shape us.

Before hating, before judging, before killing, before repressing, before enslaving, before acting against another, remember we are all the same human race.

Get out from behind the keyboard, the curtains, shut off the voice of hate from the media, get out your house and meet, embrace and get close to other humans, especially the ones we’ve judged.

Then try to hate up close or instead choose to empathise and understand we all started in the same place.

Perhaps, we don’t need more missiles we need to reach out and embrace each other and understand our differences.

The game of fear


Plagues, wars, famines, terror, killer diseases, shortages of avocados and many other such calamities. Storms, ice ages, killer hornets, the list can go on and on, all designed to frighten us.

The news media will fill our heads with the next impending threat to our very existence from bugs that lurk in toilets, to people who will kill us while we sleep.

Of course, some of it might happen, although 99.99% of it won’t and doesn’t.

Whatever, it is nearly all totally out of our control.

So, save ourselves the worry and don’t feed this game of fear that is pushed upon us, if we don’t play, then they can not win in their aim of keeping us dependent on the system.

The thing is the brave woman dies just one death, the coward a thousand.

No more game of fear, liberate ourselves by turning our back on it.