It’s beyond our skins

What truly matters about us and other humans that we share this planet with is beyond our skins.

The outer shell does not matter, yet we are conditioned to care about how we look and what others might think of how we look. It has become addictive, compulsive behaviour and for some, it deeply affects their self-worth and mental health. For others it is a source of anxiety, for some, it’s abuse from others.

It consumes many of us on a daily basis, our exterior image that lives in our minds. We will do anything to protect it and avoid it being attacked.

However, the truly important stuff is contained within our skins, that is our kindness, our love, our empathy, our mind, our intelligence, our energy, our soul and so on. The real person is inside, the outside is a mask we put on for the world to protect the self-image.

The reason we judge others by colour, race, appearance etc is that it is taught to us and is not how we are born. We have to learn to judge.

We are taught to behave according to what our eyes see, not what we hear, feel, sense, or instinctively know. We are conditioned by society to look at the wrapper and not to see what is within.

Every single one of us at some point in our lives will have dismissed other people simply based on a judgement we have made about their exterior image which has been imprinted on us by society, what is attractive or not and so on. Just think how many amazing people we have missed by not going beyond their skins.

The magic is inside every single one of us.

If you don’t say something 

If hear or see someone is being unkind to, sexist to, racist to, rude to or bullying another person and we don’t say something, then we are saying it’s OK. 

Peer pressure is better than any law. There can’t always be a policewoman to enforce the law. 

We are all society and if you don’t like something then it’s up to us all to speak up. 

It’s amazing how the unkind person stops when we don’t stay silent. More often they are cowards looking for approval and permission to continue. 

Don’t give them that. 

It’s hard in cases where we might the minority, but we could one day be on the receiving end and we’d be glad of someone speaking up. 

Be the leader you want to see, speak out.