Fear divides us and love connects

Fear creates extremes and love creates connection.

In a world so driven by fear, it is no surprise that there is little connection, we are divided by violent opposite opinions. The divisions are cultivated by the manipulators of the collective mind.

If we choose love, the divisions dissolve, an opinion is just that and we can be free to connect with everyone without conditions.

We only see judgement, criticism, race, social status, discrimination and any kind of division when there is fear.

True love from our inner soul is always unconditional, as when there is a condition to loving, then it is not love. As an individual human being, we are identical to all other human beings. We are a soul, a ball of energy that is all part of the one life that is the entire universe. All human souls are connected only the fear of our unconscious minds divides us.



Labels are useful when needing to know what size the jeans are or how big the t-shirt is, or making sure we get the right size of shoes.

They could be useful in making sure we are eating the right thing and to make sure we do not mix the bleach up with the tonic water.

Labels in society are not useful, they only enable others to be able to judge and hate.

The world would be better if we were all just labelled humans, as in part of the human race.

Size, colour, learning abilities, sexual orientation, religion, who designed your clothes or any other form of labels or segmentation don’t matter or define whether or not you are worthy.

No labels, no hate.