Passive and safe

The more we reduce risk from our lives as humans, the less progress we make. We become stagnant and lacking…the safeness removes the ‘frisante’ needed to create invention and daring.

Without risk, there is no point in trying anything new.

Risk is what gives us the charge we need to try something new knowing it may or may not work. Risk is at the outer edge of the circle, it is the threat of danger that builds the excitement and it’s why we love life, it is why we break out of the circle and create change. We break the rules and without that…well, life becomes controlled.

The never-ending craving for no risk in life as humans is leading us to a sterile, homogenised world of compliance and slavery. Simple cogs in the machine…passive and safe.

Amazing adventure

That thing you didn’t do yesterday, or last week, or 5 years ago…you can do now, if you want or something completely new.

Each unfolding moment of our life is a new possibility, a new opportunity.

We can always start from scratch…every moment. It is like hitting the ‘new game’ button.

If only we focussed on what an absolutely amazing adventure our life is in this moment now instead of the suffering of what we didn’t do in the imaginary past that is only contained in our mind.