We are all part of the narrative of the human race

Each and every one of us is part of the story of the human race.

What contribution will we make?

Will we say something that is different to what has already been said?

Will we create something new?

Will we inspire others to continue the narrative?

We are all part of the narrative, we can choose to take the opportunity that we all have and make our contribution matter.

It’s time we moved on


When something is broken.

When hate has become the currency.

When previously unacceptable things become the norm.

When outrage is reserved for the unimportant.

When protesting is selective.

When we the human race seem to have given up on humanity.

Time for a new approach, one that we’ve never tried.

It is time to try compassion, empathy, it is time to abandon the myths that benefit just a few. It is time to stop fighting each other. It is time to walk in another person’s shoes and see the world from their perspective.

It is time we moved on from a tiny few dictating to the many.

It is time we unite as a single human race against suffering.

It is just time we moved on to a different approach.