We all have it

Every one of us has it.

The gift that is life.

What we do with it is our choice.

We all have our own unique gifts too, the little something that we can do and only us. The thing we have mastered. What it is, does not matter, there is no talent that is more or less worthy than another.

We could make the choice to share that gift and to share it for no other reason than to bring joy to ourselves and others. The gift could be empathy, love, kindness, knowledge, a task, sharing a skill, sharing something special that we have created…words, songs, art, music…whatever it is. Just a warm meaningful smile.

This is what our culture lacks, the willingness to share for no gain, other than joy.

Cultures are what we collectively create, we could choose to create a different one.

What will we all share with the world? We can share more than once too, we could share every day.

Gift horses

Do we look gift horses in the mouth?

Well, the saying says ‘never look a gift horse in the mouth’.

Surely, we need to define the ‘gift horse’. On the surface, many things can seem appealing, especially at times when we are struggling in life. There is almost a sense of relief that something has finally come our way.

It’s perhaps better though to reflect on things, particularly removing a financial reward that the gift horse maybe offering, and go with perhaps our instinctive feelings and ask does it sit well with my values?

After all, not every gift is a blessing, look what happened at Troy.

There is always another horse that comes along in life.