Look up in a tree

Heads down
We trudge along
In the mind
It all passes us by
Day after day
Month after month
Year after year
A whole life with our heads down
There is only gloom down there

What we miss
Look up and see a smile
Look up and see a bird
Look up and see the sun
Look up in a tree
Look up and just be
Look up and love the world

You should do…

We all fall into this, telling others what they should do or think, often with aggression and force, especially if it is something that generates a lot of emotions within us. We become righteous and indignant with others who aren’t on our side.

‘You should vote’, ‘you should be this’, ‘you should be that’, ‘you should eat only this’ and so on. ‘We are right’ and that justifies our act of telling others.

The challenge with this strategy is that whether we are right or wrong, it is just our opinion and people are able to hold a different one without being told. It is no one’s place to tell others, especially as no one likes being told what to do or their opinion is wrong. It never warms people to another view and instantly creates a barrier.

Change comes from within and showing our example to the world and perhaps inspiring them to follow our lead.