Real choice

Everything is a choice we make now.

Whatever we choose it will shape what comes and we can choose a different outcome whenever we wish.

However, it is our mind and the story of ‘little me’ that prohibits that freedom to choose whenever we wish. It sabotages with thoughts and our ego prohibits our freedom.

Consciousness allows the mind to be still and silent, when we are aware of our environment, our breath, our inner energy, the thoughts become silent. Then our soul and essence are free and able to manifest whatever in this present moment.

Real choice is a freedom that comes from being conscious.

Love other humans don’t fear them

Fear is the opposite of love. Fear comes from the mind and love from the soul.

Fear leads to worry, anxiety, hate, anger and all other negative emotions that create turbulence within us and in the world.

Love on the other hand only leads to more love.

Currently across the world, the dominant theme by many is to teach us to fear other humans.

Psychological fear is the fear that is the worst, as we cannot deal with fear that isn’t real present moment danger.

Our mind and the collective mind, that some choose to plug into, creates psychological fear. It is caused by a projection into the future. A fantasy of what might happen. It’s mostly fear-based because of the uncertainty.

If we stay in the present moment there is nothing to fear and we can be free from all the negative emotions that fear causes.

Then we can focus on enjoying now and being free from suffering and causing suffering for others.

Love other humans don’t fear them.