We are one…I sense you

Individuality is the separation created by the ego. It enables its existence.

Drama, arguments, feeling of being superior, victimhood, punishing and so on can only be created by the feeling of being separate from others. It’s how we create judgement, fear and control.

In reality, we are all the ‘one life’, we are all one…our energy that comprises the true you and I is the same energy that is the entire universe. Each human soul is connected and it allows us to connect with others not by words but via vibrational frequencies and energies. Our feelings transmit, our energies are felt by others. We can do the most amazing things when we are connected in this way.

When we suddenly sense another person, they come into our inner-self, not the repetitive daily mind-stream thoughts where we think of another, usually in a judging way, but when a person comes into our feelings, that’s because at that moment that person is generating feelings about you. They could be in another town or the other side of the world. But we sense it, we feel it…not thought, but feelings within our very essence.

The one life that is all human life is where we connect and sense others in a much deeper way. Inner peace and consciousness allows us to feel others and become aware of them. When we are together there are no differences. When we are in our mind we become our self-image, our ego, and then comes the separation.

Judgement that is created by our ego divides us and creates suffering within and for others.

We are one…I sense you.

Frightened of our own shadow

The most amazing thing about life is the mystery, the adventure, the leap into the unknown, what’s around the next corner, the freedom of exploring, the joy of the magical tense moment of not knowing what’s next…uncertainty, imperfection and the unknown bring the most amazing parts of life, bring exhilaration and the sense of really being alive now in this real moment.

Yet we have created culture that demands no risk, no uncertainty, safety, and certainty. It keeps us trapped in our fear-filled thoughts of impending doom and risk.

Is it any wonder that we are the most depressed, addicted and medicated humans to ever walk the planet.

The never ending search for zero risk and complete certainty is thrust upon us by the psychological fear of everything and anything, even our own shadow.