Is the past the guide to now?

The past is not the guide to what will happen now.

The past is exactly that and it no longer exists, apart from a memory in our minds.

As we are not our minds or the story, then what happened before is no longer relevant, unless we choose it to be.

We play the same repeating mind patterns over and over, if you identify with your mind, then the resulting action will be what the mind is telling you about your past. We become the thoughts.

If we disassociate with our thoughts, as they are simply mental forms that come and go, about 60,000 per day, then the doing now is all that is relevant. However, if we take each thought seriously, we’d be exhausted and often are, then we get the same outcome as before – it repeats.

If we stay focused on now and what we are doing now the past has no bearing and the flow from our soul and spirit comes into being and what happens is not the past. The only guide is the conscious moment, that is always the only thing that matters, and the only thing that is real. The rest is just in our minds.


If we are not attached to an outcome and instead we stay consciously focused on the joy of doing in the present moment, then the outcome will sort itself out. If we are only focused on the end result, the doing becomes a means to an end, and the work, or the doing, is not of the quality required to achieve the desired outcome.

Doing is a thing we can only do now, so when we put all our attention and awareness to that process and stay away from the distractions of the mind, then we achieve the things we want, free from stressing about it.

Negativity hampers our efforts and that negative energy comes from the constant thought about the final result.

Enjoy the doing not the end.