Our dusty lightbulb

We are born as a clean perfect light, untainted by anything, pure light, like a brand new lightbulb out of the box shining brightly. Then gradually dust comes and builds up on the lightbulb and stops our sparkle and dims our light.

The dust comes as our mind starts up with its endless repetitive thoughts, the creation of the story of ‘little me’ and its ego. So does the conditioning of the exterior world come and the ‘little me’ is affected by the words and actions of others. More dust on our lightbulb comes to obscure our true essence, our light, and gradually we become dimmer and dimmer. We lose our sparkle and we become our thoughts.

Most of the human race are dusty lightbulbs waiting to clean themselves and to allow their true essence to shine, to allow their light to sparkle like a baby, like an excited child. We have moments that shake us up and clear the dust, such as serious illness or a sudden event or a remarkable piece of beauty. Sometimes this clears the dust forever, but often just for brief moment and then we become darkened by thoughts again.

The light is always there even when it’s dusty and we have to clear the dust. We clear the dust by being in the moment that is now by stopping the mind creating more dust, by becoming conscious of it and having the habitual practice of cleaning the dust away. We clear the dust by accepting ourselves and others, seeing their light.

We are all bright lightbulbs waiting to shine.

Attachment to our opinions

The challenge with attachment to our opinions is it means we have to defend them. If we are adamant internally that our opinion is right no matter what, then our ego is at stake and we have to defend them to the ‘death’. Well actually, very often it is literally to the death. This damages our relationships with others and causes us suffering within.

Opinions are just a view, a temporary mental form, and there is no right or wrong and if we accept that they just that and place no personal attachment to them, then there is no need to fight, no need to resist any other view and no need to experience any negative emotions when others do not agree with our view.

Surrendering to acceptance of things is not weakness, it is a strength, that you can let go and accept others and their views for what they are. It doesn’t prohibit ourselves from expressing our views whenever, however, it just stops the pain and suffering of defending our views at all costs and stops affecting our relationships with others.