What if nothing mattered?

What if we choose to be only in this moment?

What if we choose to stop living in fear?

What if we choose to accept everything and everyone as it is and as they are?

What if we decided to just ignore our thoughts?

What if we decided just to be?

Maybe we could just do it and see what changes. We all stand on the edge of the diving board waiting to jump.

Jump…there’s nothing to lose and a life without shackles waiting for all of us who jump.



Our collective desire to remove all risk is actually creating a dangerous situation for humanity.

We are now unable to cope with any form of adversity and this is creating more neurosis, fear, anxiety and overwhelm. The insanity of the collective human mind is now at such a tipping point that it will plunge us into a darkness not seen before.

The balance to this though, is that through this suffering comes the light that the human race needs to evolve from the unconscious egoic state that has created this darkness. The Yin and Yang of the universe always bring balance. In order for anything to exist there has to be an opposite to it.

As the world becomes darker conversely at the same time, the world is getting lighter. Suffering causes awakening.

We are all part of that awakening and we are all at different levels of consciousness and different parts of our journey. But the more we connect as the one life that everything is in the entire universe, the more pull away from the separation that the individual human mind and ego have created.

It is in our separateness that we suffer and it is in our unity that we thrive and experience joy and peace.