The irony of a coffee table called ‘lack’.

Lack within us is the cause of our addictions as we believe that they will soothe our lack within.

Strangely these addictive behaviours actually cause more discontent and lack.

Joy doesn’t come after buying a new coffee table. Joy is a our true soul and is always there. It gets numbed and hidden by our mind-created lack.

Chicken or the egg?

What comes first? The chicken or the egg?

Well, it doesn’t matter, to be honest, as it is only the human mind that has to have an answer to everything.

Life is a continuous cycle and as life is energy and energy never disappears, it means that life and death are the same.

A creation of a new thing and the a repurposing of that energy to a new creation.

A journey is made up of this eternal now moment. It isn’t about a beginning or end.