Detaching from resistance

Everything that has happened right up to the moment you read this, has already happened. Obvious. However, we spend a great deal of our lives stuck in our minds not wanting to accept that fact. There is a denial of this moment and what has happened already. There is the denial of the past and the minds attempts to try and re-write it.

We can not change anything that has already happened. It has gone forever, replaced by this moment, the only real moment that our life unfolds in, the only moment we can ever do anything.

If we choose internally to let go of resisting what is, then we are able to accept the isness of this moment, we are able to accept all that has happened and realise it does not matter as we can not change it. We can breath and relax.

What we can do is act now, in this moment to do somehting about somehting that is happening in this moment, but even then, we still need to accept that as something is occurring right now, by the time we have processed that, it has happened. We can not change it.

We spend a lifetime suffering inside from the pain of the mind that is trying resist what is or what has been.

Acceptance is the only way to peace and that does not mean we can not externally air our views or do something as a result of what has happened, but we react from a place of peace because we have accepted what has happened. We act from our true essence, our soul, from a place of calm and love, not from the fear of the mind.

When we resist it creates fear, the primary driving force of the mind and its ego, then fear leads to anger or hate or many other negative emotions, which in turn affect our behaviour in the exterior world. A chain reaction is set off by becoming the fear and the reaction, by resisting, which couses others to react. The mind of another is fighting yours and it never ends peacefully.

When we detach ourselves from the resistance and let go, we allow the light from our soul to shine instead of the fear of the mind.

A hullabaloo

All the hullabaloo that goes on, every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day and forever, is all contained within the individual or collective mind. It’s not real, it’s just the dramatics created by thought, ego and minds.

None of it matters…each and every single one us, the 7.8 billion humans alive today, will all be a pile of dust between now and around 100 years from now. Our souls repurposed by the universe for another wonderful experience and our physical carnations gone forever. We are just a ball of energy having a human experience.

The mind feeds on the hullabaloo, it loves drama, the ego will turn everything into how anything affects it and it’s fragile existence and the mind will create whatever sabotage to avoid it being at risk. It feeds itself and so the merry-go-round of suffering from our mind continues.

Switch off the hullabaloo and live in peace, always in this present moment, the eternal present moment and leave the drama behind.