Don’t seek

Happiness is superficial and all short-term moments of it lead to a corresponding moment of unhappiness. The yin and yang, always.

So the more we seek happiness, the more unhappy we become,

Instead of seeking, be conscious and in the moment that is now, allow the true joy to flow from our inner being, our true essence. Joy from within our soul is everlasting no matter what, as is love and peace.

Without the egoic seeking of gratification in short-term doses of happy, we can be joyful in the wonder that is consciousness and being truly awake and alive, free from our mind.

On the turbulent surface of our mind dominated life, there is the constant seeking and constant ups and downs.

Don’t seek, just be.

Upside down

How often do we choose to sit peacefully and meditatively, and be appreciative and grateful of all that we have right now and the amazing human soul that we are?

Versus, almost every moment of every day thinking bad things about ourselves, our situation and other people.

Amazing how our life can be altered by turning things upside down. It’s a choice we can all make if we want.