Lens of judgement

When we choose judgement over empathy, we are not allowing ourselves to appreciate the other person’s circumstances. We do not know what is happening, or has happened, in another person’s life that may have conditioned them or caused them to react in a way that we may judge as incorrect.

If we choose to observe without evaluation and respond from a position of empathy and peace within us, then we may find that we are viewing others as the beautiful human soul that we all are and that we so often miss through our lens of judgement.

Outside our head

We get sucked into things, it consumes us and we are actually unconscious of anything around us, unaware of our breathing, our senses dulled, our appreciation of our environment switched off, not appreciating anything. This can be for a few moments, but rarely so short.

This isn’t a one-off thing, this is the unconscious life of our mind-obsessed existence, which consumes nearly all of our life every single day.

We can, of course, choose a different option. We can choose to be aware, awake, conscious, free from the mind, in this moment. Then we can experience the magic of life that is outside of our head.