True self

The moment that we become aware that we are within our thoughts or that we are becoming our reactions is the moment we are become conscious. It’s when we actually enter this moment now.

We are the witnesser of our thoughts, of our senses, of our emotions, of our reactions, that is the true you and me, the human soul that we all are, the ball of energy that is beyond the body and mind.

To transcend our so called ‘normal’ unconscious mind-obsessed state we have to become aware and we simple then need to be the spectator to it. Once we disassociate with the mind and the emotions and reactions it creates, then we are our truly ourself.

Once we become our thoughts, emotions and reactions we are no longer aware, we are no longer in this real life moment, we are no longer our true selves.

Never miss a chance

Life can literally change in a moment or even end. We will never know when, except it will change.

Never miss a chance to give someone a hug, a kiss, to tell them you love them, that you’re thinking about them, that you’re there.

Never skip a moment waiting or thinking for someone or something better. Be grateful for everything you have, right now.

Never miss a chance to try something, to create an experience, to sing, to paint, to smile, to skip…live this moment right now.