Thinking gets in the way

By Philip Dodson

It’s thinking about it that gets in the way.

Live a life as you feel now and do it…just let go.

Life does not come with a manual or guide book, there are no right or wrong choices and nothing matters, unless you want to suffer it.

Fall totally in love with now, this moment and enjoy it, there is nothing else.

Light within

What we focus on consumes the mind, and if we allow it, us too.

We alone choose what we focus on.

So if we want a different outcome, then we have to change our focus.

If we focus on our inner energy, our true essence and then that is what will dominate our life right now. If however, we stay stuck within our repeating negative thought patterns, then that is where we will stay…stuck.

Our light within can only shine if we focus on it, now.