Don’t allow the future to creep in

That thing we fear doing and then finally we do it, how often do we then immediately realise it wasn’t that bad and what was there to fear?

The answer is…every single time because nothing is as bad as what we fear.

When the mind creates fear it is always the fear of something in the future, whether it’s in 10 minutes from now or a week.

The future is a construct in our mind and not real. So essentially we are fearing something that’s not real.

Once we can realise that our fear is based on nothing other than our thoughts, then we can more easily get over the initial hurdle of staring something.

The feeling of nothing to fear can start to be addictive and habit forming as long as we don’t allow the future to creep in.

Doing the things we really want to do

When we allow our mind to take control, we truly believe that we are our thoughts, we are the self-created story or stories of our ego. We play all kinds of roles, acting out different personas for different situations.

When we project into the future, which is where the mind is at for a great deal of its time, we feel the psychological fear that always is the future, because it is not real, we can not deal with it so the fear becomes all-consuming.

If we choose to allow this to continue, it alters everything we do, in fact, mainly it stops us doing the things that our soul really wants us to do.

A moment of simple pause, a chance to separate from our thought, and realise that the real you and I are beyond thought, we are the observer of the thoughts, and if we stay at that level of consciousness, we enjoy now this moment and do not enter into the futility of predicting the future. Without fear, we are then more able to do the things we really want to do.