Relationships, simple really

If we want to enjoy a successful relationship with another person we need to learn to accept the other person as they are… completely. We are not here to change others.

We need first to understand them, before we try to be understood. They want someone to listen not tell them, like all of us, but we have to listen first.

Don’t wait for them to say sorry, do not punish or be a victim. Be ourselves 100%. Be first and let go of our story and ego.

Love them unconditionally, which is what love from the soul always is. Not the neediness of the mind.

We need to make ourselves happy and not rely on them. Free them from that burden and ourselves from the disappointment our expectations will always bring.

Expect nothing of them and simply enjoy them for who they are.

The route to success is always found in our hearts and souls, it’s love pure and simple. That’s all.

Never miss a chance

Life can literally change in a moment or even end. We will never know when, except it will change.

Never miss a chance to give someone a hug, a kiss, to tell them you love them, that you’re thinking about them, that you’re there.

Never skip a moment waiting or thinking for someone or something better. Be grateful for everything you have, right now.

Never miss a chance to try something, to create an experience, to sing, to paint, to smile, to skip…live this moment right now.