Waking up

Rather than admit we are wrong, we will actually argue even harder in the face of the reality that we may have to change our view. It’s an internal defence mechanism.

Our ego sees any threat the same as if it was a physical danger and a matter of life or death. That’s how people do the most insane things to prove they are right or to not have to say ‘sorry’ or admit a change of view. The ego believes it will die if it has to lose face or be ridiculed or ‘found out’.

We live in a world of a single mainstream voice globally more and more, now even more than ever people would rather follow that than have to be open to any alternative or see another viewpoint than that of the collective mind and its voice.

The good news is, right or wrong do not really matter once we step away from our egos, accepting that it is just a view, and as the world is entering more darkness, more people are awakening and discovering the light within them, their true essence that is beyond the ego and the thinking mind.

The darker things are the lighter more people become.

Opinion and fear

The biggest reason people block other people’s views and want to stay ‘safe’ inside their bubble of others who think the same, is they are scared of being wrong. Fear of their opinion being invalidated and their ego can’t suffer that.

Right or wrong like opinions are made so by the individual and collective mind and then defended literally to death sometimes by the ego.

They are after all just an opinion and nothing to fear. A temporary mental form that is thought, an opinion, and if we accept that is all they are and are not attached to our own, then there is no fear. Being right or wrong just doesn’t matter except to the story of ‘little me’ playing out in our minds.