No good blaming the Kardashians

Society talks about role models, often referring to politicians, or sports players or actors and so on. Most often we look to celebrities, as a society, many seem to be in awe of them.

The fact is, every single one of us is a role model to someone, maybe many. Society isn’t this nebulous thing, each and every one of us forms it.

If we want to see change, we can choose to be inspiring, we can choose to be accountable for how we behave and we can choose to lead. We can choose to step up and be a role model for the people who matter.

No good blaming the Kardashians or some politician.

Staying on the bus

‘Staying on the bus’ by Philip Dodson

Staying on the bus.

Staying silent.

Looking away.

Closing our eyes.

Not speaking up.

Doing nothing.

Not wanting to cause a fuss.

These are our choices to things that challenge our moral sense of right or wrong, that challenge our worldview, our values, our sense of what is decent human behaviour.

Staying on the bus is easier but it has consequences and we will all have to be responsible and live with them often some way in the future when perhaps we regret our choices.

But there is an option, jump off the bus, speak out, listen and understand the other view and then do something inspiring to influence change.

Leaders do not look away or stay on the bus.