Ditching fitting in

Fitting in is something we feel we need to do, so much so, that even when there is no one there, we still behave in a way that would be seen to be normal.

We are afraid of being different and that fear prevents us from being our true selves. We suffer within from that fear of not fitting in, of being judged for being different and at the same time we suffer from not being who we truly are.

Perhaps it’s better to lose all the suffering…just be ourselves no matter what. Ditch fitting in and just be.

The conundrum of fitting in

The easiest thing to do is fit in and the most challenging is to be our true self. Fitting in and being ourselves are nearly always at the opposite ends of the spectrum.

Fitting appears easy and we believe it will bring us happiness, however, the overriding of our true essence in order to fit in causes us deep suffering and conflict, it prohibits true happiness.

Not fitting in and being on our own unique path requires us to be in the ‘wilderness’ and that seems scary and requires us to be vulnerable and courageous. We have to overcome the psychological fears created by our minds and ego, the uncertainty, the risk, the fear of being isolated and unliked.

However, being our true self brings us the greatest peace within and long-lasting joy. Once we go down that path and commit to it, it becomes easier and easier. When we focus our energies on this present moment and let go of the story, the ego, the narratives in the mind, then it becomes easier for our true essence to shine.

Fitting in denies us the real life that our soul wants to have.