Kind words

There isn’t another you, there never has been and never will be.

Compare yourself to no one.

Do not measure yourself against anything, there is not a measure you will come up with that matters. Accepting who we are and being able to just be is all that matters.

Do not say bad things about yourself to yourself. Speak only kindly to yourself and to others.

Kind words have no comparison.

Just be it

If you want love, just be love
If you want to be happy, just be happiness.
If you want a joyful life, be joy.
If you want kindness, just be kind.
If you seek empathy, just be empathy.
If you want….just be it.

Not busy searching always for something, just be.

We wait for everyone or everything else, be the thing you want, be the leader, be the change.

Accept what is and be you, just be.