Insane, eh?

The narrative in our head and the collective narrative are not the real life and world that our mind and the collective mind tricks us to believe.

Real life and world are the present moment now, the conscious moment that is beyond all the stories and narratives made up by our and the collective thoughts of a single or many human minds.

We can only become aware of this be unplugging from the matrix that is the collective human story and if we disassociate from our own egocentric story.

We are the human soul, the essence that transcends the fleeting temporary mental constructs that our thoughts consists of. The mind is just a part of us, it is not us.

Once we go down the path of consciousness and freedom from the never ending torrent of mainly repetitive daily mind-streams, then we see that reality is the freedom from thought.

Yet we are conditioned from almost our first few moments of life to believe differently. It is a repeating cycle as unconscious humans perpetuate the narrative in new arrivals.

Awareness of the conscious dimension of the now moment breaks the cycle and gradually it builds so that we spend less and less of our lives in the fiction that is the human mind, the mind that is nearly always obsessed with the past, victimhood and regret, or the future, the fictitious fantasy that is filled with psychological fear.

We can experience real life in this very instant and for as long as we choose by simply becoming the observer of our thoughts and disassociating with them, instead of believing we are those thoughts and becoming them in a Walter Mitty dream state that is seen as ‘normal’ life.

Normal life as we are conditioned is an unconscious state of nearly constant thought whereby we are blissfully unaware of anything that is actually real.

Insane, eh?

‘normal’ life

By Philip Dodson

When we enter the mind and our thoughts, then our awareness of the world around us and our own self disappears. We are in a trance.

We do not notice anything other than our thoughts, even though we might be driving a car, eating food, walking in a beautiful place, working, in a meeting, or whatever else we are doing. Even the sounds, smells, noises and so on fade away and our entire ‘reality’ becomes our thoughts. People speak, but. we do not hear them, only through the filter of our mind. Our thoughts are still the dominant focus.

So actually we miss the thing we are doing and instead our focus is on the thought and the train of thoughts that drag us along, further away from awareness and consciousness.

This can last a few seconds, a few minutes or a lot longer. In fact, intermittently, it could last an entire lifetime. If we were offered at the beginning of our life to just spend it in our heads, in our thoughts, most of which repeat, again and again, we would all decline it.

Yet, this life of thought is what is seen as ‘normal’ life.