Altogether, cosy.

Safe in the circle.

Among the crowd.

Following the trend.

Fitting in.

Belonging, we think.

Belonging to the crowd.

Not true belonging.

True belonging is in the wilderness.

Alone…from the crowd.

But where we truly are…

Truly ourselves.

The bravest place is true belonging.

Step into the wilds.

It’s where we all belong.

Inspiration behind this comes from my number one favourite author Brene Brown and her last book ‘Braving The Wilderness’.


Into the wild.

Alone, not fitting in.

Different from others.

We are alone.

Searching for something to belong to.

Yet we do not match.

Stay strong and believe.

We can choose to belong to ourselves.
Today’s post was inspired by the amazing person that is Brene Brown and her fab new book ‘Braving the wilderness’.