The best medicine

life has many ups and downs.

life has its’ challenges, stress, and setbacks.

Adversity is a thing we all face at times.

The simplest and best cure…


We can all get into the habit of taking life too seriously, instead, we could choose to build the habit of laughing.

I’ve met very few people who do not enjoy a good laugh, so enjoy laughing with others as often as you can.

Seems odd to even type this but I think we’d all admit to taking things far too seriously. There is humour and something to make us feel better or good in most situations in our daily lives.

Choose laughter every time.

Give ourselves a break

Often we try too hard to be the perfect manager, the perfect partner, the perfect parent, the perfect citizen…

We sort ourselves from others based on judgements or comparisons. We strive to be better and not make any mistakes. We cut ourselves no slack.

We all need to relax a little, take life a little less seriously, laugh more, smile more, and most of all, be kind to ourselves. Realise that it is about the momentum of change or the overall behaviour, not a rigid unrelenting check on ourselves and how we measure up to the often unrealistic expectations we set on ourselves.

Let’s give us a break.