We will f@!k-up occasionally

Occasionally we will:-

-Get angry
-Get frustrated
-Be jealous
-Tell a lie
-Be rude
-Forget something important
-Be judgemental
-Be unkind
-Not listen

Occasionally, we all fuck up.

It’s OK. It’s more than OK, you and me, we are humans, not machines.

Don’t be harsh on yourself and don’t fall into the self-help guru spell of constantly being so strict on yourself, that you must stick to the plan or you are a failure, a slacker, lazy, procrastinator and a bad person.

Lighten up.

The choice we all have is how to behave for the majority of the time.

However, chill about the occasional slip, none of us set out to mess up. We are all good, worthy people.

Be kind to you.