1,000 deaths

Whatever precautions we take, it will never be enough. No matter how much you stockpile or wash your hands, there will always be a risk. But has it happened yet? Or is it a thought inside your unconscious mind?

The coward dies a thousand deaths, the brave person just one. If we accept our own death, if we accept that all forms are temporary including you and me, and if we stay in this present moment, now, then we realise that there are no problems, no fears, and if a situation occurs we deal with it, now. But until then, nothing has occurred.

Consciousness is the answer to fear, not more fear and more thoughts or large quantities of toilet paper.

It’s all a choice

If it is something that another person is doing or saying, then it is totally out of our control.

Strangely, we seem to believe differently, trying to change what is and we oddly choose to suffer from other people and their actions.

All we can control ever is ourselves, it’s that simple, and if we choose to control our own mind and stay away from the repeating thoughts and stories, then we can be free from suffering, worry, fear, anxiety and all other forms of emotions that bring us pain.

It is all a choice as to whether we want to suffer the drama or not.