Everything or not much

For all of us, our life can change in an instant moment if we choose it to be.

Throughout our journey events happen and it changes everything or not much. The ‘everything’ is the mind’s perspective and ‘not much’ is the soul’s acceptance of what is.

It is how we react to these events that matter most.

If we see events as simply an occurrence, a situation in this present moment that has unfolded, then within we accept that. Then we do not become a reaction, we do not make it part of the story, we do not attach to it and we do not judge it good or bad. We can just be and then make a peaceful choice as to the action, or no action, that we can take.

Living without constant evaluation is challenging, as the mind always has to label and to relate every occurrence to how it affects the story of ‘little me’. We then suffer for every life event, in some cases, we become the drama and the mind searches and creates more and more. Drama becomes our very existence.

However, the more we accept, the more peaceful our life is and events are drama-free and not much.

It happened

Whatever happens, happens.

The moment we realise that something has occurred, it already has, it’s in the past.

Therefore, we can not change it.

However, a great deal of energy is often spent on not liking what has happened, and deny it or even wanting a different outcome to occur.

Once we reach a point of accepting everything as it is, then we can take all the emotions and mind activity out of trying to change or deny it. This then allows us to take action, if needed, from a place of calm and acceptance within.

Our mind, which is an amazing tool, is then free for us to use to look at solutions now.

The other thing is to not them go into future projections as to what may occur as a result of a happening. Just stay present, and the mind will be silent. We have no way of knowing what might occur as a result of something, so again best to not think about it and remain at peace within.

The essence of all things is to use the mind as a tool and not allow the mind to control us with its thoughts of past and future.