Everything in life is temporary, it comes and goes.

Food comes and goes, money comes and goes, people come and go, our physical carnation comes and goes. Holidays come and go, a suntan fades, houses come and go, all physical things, they come and go, all moments and life events come and go.

The only thing that is permanent is our soul, the ball of energy that we are, our spirit, the real you and me, not the temporary physical form, not our name, our ego, that is all temporary.

Everything in the universe is one, one energy, that is permanent. That’s why we could choose not to be attached to the temporary.

Reactions to events

How much of our reactions are based on conditioning and how we want to appear to others? How much of what we say publically is to fit-in?

It must be as we are selective as a society about what seems to matter.

We would protect a 200-year-old building, yet trees of that age can be chopped down every day. Tragedies in some countries matter and in others they don’t. Terrorist if from one background, freedom fighter or plain crazy ‘whack-job’ from another. A terrible shooting in one country leads to prayers and changing social media profile pictures to that country’s flag, if it happens in the less important country, it isn’t even reported. A person has offered 100M Euros to repair a church but there are poor and starving people on the streets.

It seems we have a ‘how do I appear good in front of others’ filter or a ‘from the right background/country/race’ filter on what matters in the world.

We are all humans, we all matter, there is no life more important than another, we are the same. Also, what others think about us is not relevant, we can choose to react how we wish to, without the need to feel ostracised or feeling we have to fit.

Things are not black or white, with or against, yes or no. There are no right or wrong, it is a personal opinion.