Before the internet

All this information that we consume, what do we do with it?

The hours we spend glued to the network, looking at other peoples lives, reading news, consuming endless GBs of data.

How is it enriching our lives?

Maybe once in a while, we could switch it off, just be and enjoy the simple existence that a human can have. After all, what did humans do with their time before the internet?

Simple beauty

In a wood
By the path
In among the brambles
There it stood
Trees all around
Grass and branches
Birds and bees
There it stood

Nothing else to equal it
Only noticed by those aware
There it stood
There was no scent
There were no signs
There it stood

We search all over
We desire it all the time
Yet there it stood
There it stood for all to see
Yet no one noticed
It was not in lights

There it stood
There in the woods
Simple beauty