The excuse factory

There are 3 steps to starting anything in life…1,2,3 GO!

Or we can, of course, complicate it, the mind is a top-level specialist at over-complication, along with perfection, it is one of its top weapons to prevent showing up and taking any risk. It is the excuse factory that will create reasons not to do something, the more levels of complication, the more thought and the more reasons to put off.

Simple small steps are easy, we can just start them…1,2,3 go.

If we break down any goal, plan, task, or action into small baby steps, that if done and repeated frequently, will over a given time period propel us to our goals.

As we are doing the tiny steps, the mind is silent as there is no perceived risk, it goes under the ‘fear’ radar undetected, and we get to our goals because guess what? we are actually doing something regularly. The journey of a thousand miles starts with just one step…as the saying goes.

It requires focus, commitment and a willingness to build a habit and, of course, patience. Like all things, when we do them frequently, they become easier and there is a compound effect that we see much greater achievement than we imagined if we do them often enough and for a long enough time.

Short-term quick ‘wins’ that require huge amounts of effort and overcoming the fear of starting mammoth tasks, always fail as we never get out of the starting blocks. There are no shortcuts and the mind’s psychological fears of any large daunting tasks are impossible to overcome without just focusing on the small step that can be done now.

Keep things simple, do them often, stay focussed in the moment that is now and don’t think beyond that. The excuse factory can be closed forever, it just takes one small step.

Running away

The more we run away and hide from life, the harder life becomes. We run so far away from our true-self that it becomes frightening to go back to it

We have to stop running and hiding and be brave enough to take that leap into the unknown. It might not work, but it might too. That’s the beauty of life, the uncertain adventure.

If we make that leap a small step, we can face it and then take another step and keep stepping moment by moment, nothing too big.

If we focus beyond now and one step, we keep running away. It’s too much when we try to make giant leaps as our minds get wrapped up with the outcome and then sabotage any attempt to take the journey.

Take a step towards the dream and who knows? Make it small but take it.