We are creators

All human beings are born creators, sadly we are taught and conditioned from an early age ‘don’t make a mess’ or ‘colour within the lines’, essentially take out the risk and do as you are told. Follow the programme.

It’s a repeating process because the children become the adults and the same de-risking process is continued generation after generation.

A question we can ask ourselves is ‘what did I create today?’. We don’t have to be creating huge amazing things, but a step by step daily process of small creations leads to an amazing creation.

Our sense of fulfilment can be satisfied by creating and rarely by simply doing the same tasks every day.

What to do first?

All of us struggle at some point, or even every day, to decide what to do first.

However, if we paused for a moment and stopped to ask these two things, then it would be a whole lot easier to decide.

What to do I fear the most?

What matters to me, as in really, really, matters?

It’s likely to be the thing you fear doing the most is the thing that really, really, matters most.

Fear is the barometer and something that matters the most is the inspiration to motivate us to take action.

As Mark Twain said ‘take the biggest ugliest frog first each day and eat it’ or words similar to that. The most important thing that will make a difference to our life, is the thing to do first and carry on until it’s done and if it can not be done all at once, then break into chunks, but start on that thing first every day.

Often the fear of success prohibits us doing the obvious and we busy ourselves with ‘avoidance’ tasks that make us feel like we are ‘on it’. We are not, we are putting off the things that matter simply to avoid facing our fears.

Don’t think, just start, small steps every day, but do something you fear and something that matters.

Our moments of greatness in life all start now with the first magical step into the unknown of doing things we care about.