No plan

It’s good to have times when there is no plan, no deadline, no destination, just being.

It is the mind that convinces us that we need to be busy. But busy doing what? Do we ever stop and think about the purpose of all the things that we are busy doing versus all the amazing things that happen around us that we are never aware of because we are too busy.

Busyness is not the answer to a fulfilled life. Being and being aware will always bring us calm, peace and joy. Our primary purpose is to be conscious, to experience, to see the amazing in each moment. Our secondary purpose could be to do something, but without our primary purpose fulfilled, we will remain busily unfulfilled.

Try having no plan.


If we step away from the mind and its noisy mindstreams of repeating thought and conditioning, we reach a state of consciousness. We are truly awake and we are able to access our true essence.

We are able to be in a state on just being, where there is not the pressure or obsession of the mind to be constantly busy doing something.

Boredom and frustration come because the mind wants us to be constantly busy, where our inner soul is at peace and able just to be.

Busy is neither good nor bad, it is just the mind that makes it so.