Write from the soul

The trick isn’t to please others with what we write as that is artificial and of the egoic state. The thing is, write from your soul, from your heart, from your essence ad from your true being beyond the mind.

Write what comes from your true intuition and wisdom, from a focus on a conscious moment, where the noise of the mind is silent and where you can speak from within. That is where all true creativity is born.

If no one likes it, that only matters to the ego and its stories, which after all is not you and can not bother you if you remain conscious and free from the entanglement with ‘little me’.

Write from the soul always.

Writing for others

When we try to write what we think others will like two things happen. Usually, this happens when we read criticism or we look at the stats.

One you’ll never know and therefore your writing suffers, and you keep trying to guess, to please.

Two, you are not being your true self. So what is the point if you don’t write what is your essence?

Write for yourself, even if no one else likes it, it’s your voice.