10 words

Always start with the best 10 words to get someone intrigued.

I read this today. We write lots of words, but people scan for things that catch their interest so that they read on.

There isn’t a right or wrong answer to how long your message should be, the only thing that counts is to write something genuine. Our words aren’t for everyone, but if we play games and manipulate to get attention, you’ll have to keep playing games to keep people looking. Long term it doesn’t work as the readers work it out and move on.

10 words that are authentically us is better than 10 words to get noticed.

Nothing to say

Silence by Philip Dodson

People fear to blog or write as they think they won’t have anything to say.

When was the last time you went a whole day without talking? Without an opinion on something that you shared? Without your interpretation of an event, or someone’s view, or whatever occurred today? When were you silent?

There is always something to say, you have your unique worldview and there are always others ready to listen, after all, among the 7 billion + humans there will be someone who you can make a difference for. It only needs to be one and it’s worth it.

Write as you talk, share your unique worldview and make a difference.