Journeys and destinations

Following on from yesterday, yet more thinking out loud…what is the next step?

Do I share stories? Do I blog weekly? Do I start mapping out processes?

Do I stop thinking about it and allow the creativity to flow from the soul?

The thing is we all fear changing something, we fear taking away the armour and becoming vulnerable. We fear stepping out of the shadows. We are the director, producer and owner of our own movie, yet instead of being the lead role we end up sitting in the background being an extra. We are extras in our own film!!!

The best stuff always comes when we let go, when stop listening to the voices inside and outside our head. When we truly show up as ourselves and just be.

Take the plunge and follow the ripples and the current. See where it takes you. After all, it doesn’t actually matter.

I’m still on the fence…I need to jump off and pick a path, one step at a time the journey will unfold. I can change the path at any point but better to choose a path and take a step than to never walk the paths of life.

If I focus on the doing and not the destination then the joy of writing will return.

Journeys and not destinations is what life is.

No big leaps

The next great adventure in life isn’t a big leap, a huge change, a daunting prospect…it is just one step away, followed by another one.

Small steps are easy, giant leaps aren’t. Take life always one step at a time, one moment at a time and enjoy every one, not thinking about the destination, just loving each step.