Be a fanatic

Japanese Characters by Philip Dodson (Oil on canvas board)

Life’s routines can overwhelm us and lead us down a path of repetition and a lack of sparkle.

Weeks, months, years even can drift by and often all we have done is the same, work, chores, the same places and the same people.

If, however, we have something that is a passion, a hobby, an interest, then that brings opportunity for new things, new experiences, new people, and it brings sparkle and joy.

In order for that to happen, you need to be a fanatic about something.

It could be art, music, walking, gardening, stamp collecting, bird watching, sailing, or whatever.

But having a mild interest won’t bring the magic, you need to jump in, you need to be fanatical about it to get the best.

Find something that you love and who know’s sometimes these fanatical pastimes become your life’s love and work.

Better than another whirr around the monotonous cog of a life of routine and conformity.