Better productivity and still no time

We have been improving our time management, productivity, accountability, focus, efficiency, and many other supposedly vital life activities, yet amazingly we have less time to do things that matter.

No matter how much more productive we get, unless we change what we choose to do and in what order, then we still will struggle to have to time to do what we’ll want to remember at the end of our journeys and that won’t be more work.

turn it all upside down and plan your day around the things that matter first, like health, exercise, family, friends, adventures, alone time, meditation and so on and then be productive with the time left to do work and chores.


Guarantees may come with your new fridge, TV, iPhone etc, and usually, they’ll last a year. If you pay more, then you can get an extended one that might last 2-3 years.

Life, on the other hand, has no such things, you can’t even pay for an extension because there are no guarantees in the first place.

Life is uncertain.

Enjoy every moment and spend as much time doing things with the people who really matter to us.