When the end comes

When we reach the end of our journeys, when our life is coming to an end, will we worry about the bills, the noisy neighbour, the mess left in the kitchen, the train that’s late, the missed opportunity, the queue at the supermarket, the other motorist who cut in front?

The answer is likely to be ‘no’.

If we accept that our death is inevitable, then we can stop worrying about these things now. 99.99% of our worries are trivial and simply a future mind projection inside our head, that’s why we cannot deal with them as they are psychological and not a real present moment threat.

We can choose to stop resisting what is, we can choose to surrender to the situations in life and to stop labelling them as a problem, that can lead to peace now, to less negativity. We can choose to stop identifying ourselves with a future projection of our mind, as anything that happens now we can deal with as a situation, anything in the projected future we cannot, as it has, and will, never happen.

This can enable us to give all our attention and focus to the things that really matter now, like living our real life in this moment, instead of waiting our entire life until our death to stop worrying.

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