Our digital world has shifted the workforce from pen-pushers to key-pushers.

We believe that we are reimagining and disrupting everything but in fact, we are simply refurbishing the same thing and believing our own hype.

It is ‘The Emperor’s new clothes’ of our time to believe this myth. We worship what we see as ‘progress’ yet it is more of the same in a different wrapper

It is the same outcome for most of the population, slavery. We’ve gone from being owned by the ‘corporation’ in a factory to being owned at desk, ok we don’t write with pens anymore, we tap it out on our Macbook, wow. Oh, and some of us are allowed to work from home, how revolutionary!

Perhaps if we stop looking in the rearview mirror for the answer of what has always been and shift our focus for the industrial paradigm to new and different one that focuses on what really matters, our collective success as an equal human race, where we will spend less time on ‘progress’ and pen-pushing and more on creating a better and more equal world not based on consumption and destroying our environment.

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