Another week

How did you start this Monday?

Did you think just another week?

Are you in a routine that is becoming a little mundane?

This is the challenge for us all. Nearly all endeavours have a degree of routine, they become every day, they become a little monotonous.

Staying fresh and enthusiastic is a challenge.

Routine is vital for success, the small daily steps that keep our momentum going. Paradoxically, they become a little dull after a period.

The counterbalance to all of this is to know when it is time to do something new, to start a new project or to take a break.

As much as routine is the bedrock of most success stories so is the ability to be bold enough to freshen things up and to do something that changes that routine.

What if we made it a new routine to try to do something slightly different on a regular basis, to aim to be 1% better each week or to gamify our habits, to bring in an element of fun, of to try a little uncertainty?

Blending routine and excitement together is a tricky thing but it is the small subtle changes that add up to a big outcome over time. Often when we do not do something to alter our routines we burn out over time and then end up having to make a big change which is always very hard and rarely works.

If you start the week thinking ‘just another week’ then it is time to do something different but slowly and step by step.

Be a fanatic

Japanese Characters by Philip Dodson (Oil on canvas board)

Life’s routines can overwhelm us and lead us down a path of repetition and a lack of sparkle.

Weeks, months, years even can drift by and often all we have done is the same, work, chores, the same places and the same people.

If, however, we have something that is a passion, a hobby, an interest, then that brings opportunity for new things, new experiences, new people, and it brings sparkle and joy.

In order for that to happen, you need to be a fanatic about something.

It could be art, music, walking, gardening, stamp collecting, bird watching, sailing, or whatever.

But having a mild interest won’t bring the magic, you need to jump in, you need to be fanatical about it to get the best.

Find something that you love and who know’s sometimes these fanatical pastimes become your life’s love and work.

Better than another whirr around the monotonous cog of a life of routine and conformity.