Look at me…I’m special

We can say, write, do and act in any way to grab attention.

The attention that it will receive is short-lived, because another person seeking attention can come along and go one better.

If it’s attention we seek, we will always be lacking within, as attention, like any form, does not last. The chemical-fuelled hit inside us feels good for the moment, but like any drug that alters our peaceful inner self, it goes and like any high, there is always the corresponding low. The longer it continues the less impact the drug has and there are only the lows.

The human race is now addicted to attention, stuck within its mind and ego, seeking solace from another. No sustained joy and fulfilment can come from seeking from another.

The best attention is to pay attention to the inner soul within us and be attentive to this present moment. Consciousness is true attention to our real life that is now and will bring calm, peace, love and light to us.

Say what matters now

Today was my Mum’s 80th birthday and we all gathered as a family and celebrated with cards, presents and cake etc.

Afterwards, I took a moment to say some words to celebrate her life and to reminisce and to talk about an amazing life full of achievements and milestones, but also to add about all the things that she had done for me and the family. To thank her and show our collective appreciation.

I’m not saying this to blow my own trumpet, the point is to say the kind things about people now, at this moment, whenever and as often as you can.

Often we wait for funerals to send flowers and more importantly, to say kind words about people who matter.

Show appreciation now, don’t wait, let the people who matter in life hear the kinds words in their ears, as none of us knows what is around the corner.