Celebrating achievements

What if we weren’t conditioned to celebrate achievements?

Could this remove our sense of worth being linked to what we achieve?

What if we celebrated less shallow things such as kindness, empathy, listening and other things that are not related to being a ‘winner’?

It’s worth a thought as people crash from one traumatic disappointment to another all based on the hysterical pressure to reach the next achievements, most of which are shallow and without meaning.

Our purpose is not to win in a dog-eat-dog world of rancid competition, it’s something more meaningful and deeper that will bring is deep rooted joy.

We are all born worthy and will die worthy regardless of certificates, promotions, winning a race, the number likes on Facebook or followers on Instagram and so on.

Don’t get trapped in the achievements vortex that keeps us hooked on ‘the dream’ sold to us by the capitalist religion.

Celebrate things that really matter and it’s not an A* grade or another dopamine fuelled social media attention binge.

If we want to see change we have to be role models and inspire others.

I’ve had 51 years of being conditioned that worth is related to material things, job titles and other bullshit. More and more what matters to me is accepting my worth for who I am and trying to be truly myself.

It’s hard task and there’s a great deal of unlearning to do.

Say what matters now

Today was my Mum’s 80th birthday and we all gathered as a family and celebrated with cards, presents and cake etc.

Afterwards, I took a moment to say some words to celebrate her life and to reminisce and to talk about an amazing life full of achievements and milestones, but also to add about all the things that she had done for me and the family. To thank her and show our collective appreciation.

I’m not saying this to blow my own trumpet, the point is to say the kind things about people now, at this moment, whenever and as often as you can.

Often we wait for funerals to send flowers and more importantly, to say kind words about people who matter.

Show appreciation now, don’t wait, let the people who matter in life hear the kinds words in their ears, as none of us knows what is around the corner.