Take ownership

If we want something to be different or change, then we have to do something different.

Seems simple, but so many of us repeat the same things and expect something to change, particularly as our ego looks to others to change as they are the ones causing our misfortune, or perhaps it’s the weather or something else that we can blame or be a victim of.

It all starts with us, we are the only ones that can change anything in our lives and it requires us to do something new. It often requires sacrifice and it will certainly involve commitment to forming new habits.

The simple change can come from letting go of our thoughts and repeating mindstreams and focusing on this moment. Consciousness allows us to become aware and awareness is vital for any change or growth to take place.

Be in this moment and take ownership.

A little step forward

As we all sit here on the 1st day of a new year pondering the tsunami of things we are going to change simply because the date has changed, just pause, then take the list of things to do and throw it away.

When we set ourselves these huge lists they are too much for the mind, they present too much change and therefore it’s risky, so the mind will sabotage. Also, willpower only lasts so long, so by the mid to end of January, most have given up.

Just pick something today that you can do, a small step towards changing one thing, and focus on that for a few weeks. Then pick another and so on.

Small, manageable and ‘easy’ daily steps take us forward and build like compound interest if we take the small step every day.

The tsunami of change always fails. Take a little step now.